New study claims diet cola is just as good as water

A new study alleges that diet soda may be just as good for you as water — or at least, that’s what the researchers at the University of Bristol would have you believe.

There have already been countless studies showing the negative effects of popular low energy sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose – starting with horrible migraines and ending with brain tumors.

The study’s findings show that low energy sweeteners were an effective means of lowering caloric intake and potentially reducing body mass.

Peter Rogers, a professor of biological psychology at the University of Bristol and one of the study’s researchers, says that many “myths” about low energy sweeteners seem plausible so the public accepts them as fact. While there are many myths about many things, when the average consumer of a product is still morbidly obese, it’s hard to envision a different reality. The fact remains, a large percentage of people who use artificial sweeteners are fat and unhealthy – so there is obviously more to it than what these researchers propose.

Rogers also went on to suggest that the consumption of diet cola could sometimes even be better for you than water, and that it could be better for long-term weight loss than water alone. There is no mention of the dangerous and toxic side effects of long-term consumption of the artificial sugars, however.

One more thing, the latest Nielsen data unleashed statistics showing that diet cola consumption is still in a free fall, with sales dropping significantly and alarmingly, as consumers grow wiser and less yielding.

Of course, you are always welcome to draw your own conclusions about the Nielsen data and its relationship to this new study purporting diet soda’s “health benefits.”


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