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Hazelnut husks as mulching material: A review of the properties

A study published in the Journal of International Scientific Publications revealed that hazelnut husks show potential as mulching materials in nurseries and gardening applications of ornamental plants. The researchers noted that the significant amount of husks produced in the Duzce region in the northwestern part of Turkey during harvest time may be used as mulching material and increase water use efficiency in the agricultural sector.

  • The researcher calculated the water loss and germination rate of various grass seeds — such as wild privet, English ryegrass, and European grass — through a growth chamber experiment.
  • The scientist used a set of 12 pots to sow and plant hazelnut husk mulch that were three centimeters, 5 cm,  and 8 cm in thickness. Another set of 12 pots did not receive mulching material.
  • The expert weighted and irrigated the pots until the soil attained saturation. Their team allocated four to six hours for draining the pots, which were also measured a second time.
  • The researcher  added 1.5 to two liters of water to the pots, and recorded the plant’s water consumption for about nine months. The pots did not receive any other source of water during this monitoring period.
  • The findings showed that mineral soil surface without the hazelnut husk mulch lost 18 percent more water than pots with 5 cm mulch.
  • Data also revealed that mineral soil surface without the hazelnut husk mulch lost 23 percent more water than pots with 8 cm mulch.
  • The researcher also observed that pots with no mulch lost nearly four times more water during the hottest months of July and August than pots with 8 cm mulch.
  • The scientist also observed that thickness-based mulching reduced grass germination by up to 95 percent.

The findings indicate that using hazelnut husks as mulching materials may help promote water retention and reduce grass germination in nurseries and other plant applications.

Full text of the study is at this link:

Journal reference: 

Zeki Demir. PROPERTIES OF HAZELNUT HUSKS AS MULCHING MATERIAL. Journal of International Scientific Publications, 2016; 4: DOI:

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