Chemical analysis of digestive pills from Makoi (Solanum nigrum)

A digestive pill made from Solanum nigrum — commonly known as the black nightshade — was found to be an adequate source of nutrients (such as protein, fat, crude fiber, carbohydrates, and calories) that are within the recommended daily intake, a paper published in the IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) stated. In the study, the author utilized various ingredients with S. nigrum to evaluate its therapeutic and pharmacological potentials, as well as its how it can better be absorbed by the body.

  • The study created a digestive pill that uses S. nigrum (locally known as Makoi) with other ingredients like Hing (also known as asafoetida), Piper longum (Indian long pepper), Piper cubeba (tailed pepper), ajwain (Ajowan caraway), jeera (cumin), black salt, and imli paste (tamarind paste). Five samples were created for the treatment, each with differing formulations.
  • After the materials and the formulation were selected, the pills were created. All ingredients were ground into powdered form; after which they were measured and prepared, then mixed according to the specification of the formula. The tamarind paste was added to the mixture, and the resulting mash was combined so that all ingredients were mixed correctly. This was then poured into the dye to form the pills and was left to dry at room temperature.
  • A nine-point hedonic scale was used to measure which sample was better preferred by the evaluators. Of the five samples, the panel preferred the formulation that contained 20 percent Makoi.
  • The preferred sample was then evaluated for its physicochemical properties. The findings revealed that the capsule contained 17.89 percent moisture, 0.84 percent protein, 1.97 percent fat, 2.6 percent total ash, 1.60 percent crude fiber, 76.7 percent carbohydrate, and 327.09 kilocalories.

The study concluded that the digestive pills made from S. nigrum contained nutrients that are within the recommended daily intake.

Read the full study at the link.

Journal Reference:

Bibhuti B. DEVELOPMENT AND PHYSICO-CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF DIGESTIVE PILLS FROM MAKOI (SOLANUM NIGRUM). IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology. 2016;10(08):64–68. DOI:

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