Review of medicinal properties of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) Wight & Arn

The Arjuna tree (Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) Wight & Arn.) is a well-known medicinal plant, especially in India. In an article that appeared in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, researchers conducted a comprehensive review of the various medicinal properties of T. arjuna using different studies.

  • Scientific literature was gathered using an electronic search of peer-reviewed journals, as well as a library search of locally available books.
  • According to studies, the bark of T. arjuna contains 23 percent calcium salt and 16 percent tannins. Other bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenoids, saponins, sterols, and minerals were also found including amino acids like tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and cysteine.
  • Moreover, the T. arjuna tree was also found to have medicinal potential, especially in treating cardiovascular disorders, based on several studies. In particular, it was found to be effective against heart diseases, chest pain, and high cholesterol.
  • The researchers also noted that T. arjuna displayed anti-ischemia properties, as well as a potent antioxidant to prevent LDL cholesterol.

More studies are needed, researchers posited, to fully understand T. arjuna in terms of how it interacts with molecules, as well as its drug-drug interaction and toxicological effects.

Find the full text of the study at this link.

Journal Reference:

Amalraj A, Gopi S. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF TERMINALIA ARJUNA (ROXB.) WIGHT & ARN.: A REVIEW. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. January 2017;7(1):65–78. DOI: 10.1016/j.jtcme.2016.02.003

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