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Evaluating the nutritional properties of beef patties with added flaxseed and tomato paste

A study published in CyTA – Journal of Food revealed that adding flaxseed and tomato paste in beef patties improves their nutritional profile without compromising their taste and other physicochemical properties.

  • Researchers sought to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of beef patties that were fortified with flaxseed and tomato paste. For the study, its sensory and nutritional profile was also assessed.
  • They prepared six beef patties with differing flaxseed (FS)–tomato paste (TP) ratios: Aside from a control sample which has no flaxseed or tomato paste added, five patties were used with the following FS–TP ratios: T1 (20 percent TP); T2 (five percent FS, 15 percent TP); T3 (10 percent FS and TP); T4 (15 percent FS, five percent TP); and T5 (20 percent FS).
  • The results of the sensory evaluation – which focused on taste, firmness, juiciness, and color – revealed that T1 and T2 have scores that are similar to control, with T3 having an acceptable score.
  • In terms of nutrient profile, researchers noted that the addition of flaxseed also increased the alpha-linolenic acid content of the patties. In addition, the ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) to saturated fatty acid increased in patties that had high amounts of flaxseed, while the PUFA n6–n3 ratio decreased.

Based on the finding, the team indicated that adding flaxseed and tomato paste in beef patties can be a novel approach to improving their nutritional profile without sacrificing taste and other sensory properties.

Find the full text of the study at this link.

Journal Reference:

Valenzuela-Melendres M, Camou JP, Torrentera-Olivera NG, Viuda-Martos M, González-Rios H. NUTRITIONAL QUALITY OF BEEF PATTIES WITH ADDED FLAXSEED AND TOMATO PASTE. CyTA – Journal of Food. 15 January 2018;16(1):263–270. DOI: 10.1080/19476337.2017.1391333

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