Cameroonian propolis alleviates hot flashes in menopausal women

The ethanolic extract of Cameroonian propolis (EEP) has been used traditionally as a treatment for various ailments, including gynecological conditions. No scientific inquiry has so far been performed to confirm EEP’s health benefits, so researchers set out to confirm its estrogenic properties and its ability to relieve hot flashes in a study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

  • The in vitro part of the study tested the ability to EEP to induce the proliferation of MCF-7 cells and activate estrogen receptors alpha and beta in cell-based reporter gene assays.
  • The in vivo part of the study determined the ability of EEP to reduce hot flashes in ovariectomized rats. The animals were administered distilled water (OVX), 1 mg/kg of estradiol valerate (E2V), 10 mg/kg of genistein (GEN), and three different doses of EEP(50, 150, and 300 mg/kg). The animals were sacrificed 24 hours after the final administration.
  • Analysis indicated the ability of EEP to reduce the discomfort, frequency, and duration of hot flashes, especially at a dosage of 150 mg/kg.
  • In vitro analysis showed that EEP has antiestrogenic effects in both estrogen receptor alpha and beta cells.
  • Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography and High-resolution Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-HRMS) revealed the presence of caffeic acid and triterpenoids, both noted to have estrogenic properties.

The results confirmed the estrogenic properties of EEP and its ability to alleviate hot flashes among individuals going through menopause.

Read the full text of the study at this link.

Journal reference

Zingue S, Nde CBM, Michel T, Ndinteh DT, Tchatchou J, Adamou M, Fernandez X, Fohouo F-NT, Clyne C, Njamen D. ETHANOL-EXTRACTED CAMEROONIAN PROPOLIS EXERTS ESTROGENIC EFFECTS AND ALLEVIATES HOT FLUSHES IN OVARIECTOMIZED WISTAR RATS. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2017;17(1). DOI: 10.1186/s12906-017-1568-8

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