Water clover improves kidney function in pets with urolithiasis

The water clover (Marsilea crenata), a species of fern found in Southeast Asia, could improve the kidney function of pet animals with urolithiasis, according to a study in American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. In the paper, Sri Murwani of Brawijaya University in Indonesia looked at the diuretic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties of M. crenata, and whether it can prevent urolithiasis in a murine model.

  • Urolithiasis remains to be a significant cause of concern in pet animals, in particular, dogs and cats.
  • In the study, Murwani posited that M. crenata is rich in potassium, flavonoids, alkaloids, and polyphenols — all of which are known to prevent urolithiasis.
  • The in vivo test involved Wistar male rats treated with ethylene glycol and ammonium chloride to induce urolithiasis. The rats were then assigned into six groups, with some receiving a solution made of extract from M. crenata leaves and stalks.
  • During this time, the researcher will examine parameters linked to urolithiasis, including blood urea nitrogen. In addition, serum creatinine, urine creatinine, and creatinine clearance were studied as well.

The researcher concluded that M. crenata extracts protected the kidney in rats with urolithiasis, based on the decreased level of blood urea nitrogen and increased creatinine clearance.

Read the full text of the study at this link.

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Journal Reference:

Murwani S. PREVENTIVE EFFECT OF MARSILEA CRENATA LEAVES AND STALKS JUICES AGAINST UROLITHIASIS SHOWED BY IMPROVING OF KIDNEY FUNCTION. American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 2 February 2016;11(1):47–54. DOI: 10.3844/ajavsp.2016.47.54

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