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BREAKING: Trump just changed the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic… projected deaths by July 4th drops from 1.1 million to 283,000

After weeks of worsening news about the US handling of the coronavirus pandemic, we finally have some good news to report. President Trump reportedly just announced a 30-day travel ban from all European countries (except for the UK), which will halt new incoming infections from Italy, Spain, Germany and France, among other smaller European nations.

In his address to the nation this evening, Trump reversed his previous denialism and characterized the coronavirus as a “horrible infection” that demanded decisive action.

Tonight, Trump began to take that action by banning flights from Europe. At the same time, mayors and governors all across America are accelerating their cancellation of public events such as conferences and rodeos. Public schools and universities are being rapidly shut down, halting the spread of the coronavirus across educational institutions.

These actions introduce significant new “social distancing” factors into our pandemic projections.

This means that Trump, state governors and local mayors have now altered the trajectory of this epidemic.

We are updating our pandemic projection model to incorporate a 30% social distancing suppression factor… here are the new projections

Because of these actions by Trump and other government officials, we are now estimating that a 30% social distancing suppression factor has been achieved.

Plugging that number into the “Adams model” pandemic projection model spreadsheet — which you can download from this Natural News article — we see that the number of US deaths from the coronavirus plunges from 1.1 million by July 4th to just 283,000 by July 4th thanks to these new actions.

The RED column shown here represents aggregate deaths from the coronavirus in the USA, based on current projections (green indicates aggregate recoveries):

(Note: These numbers will continue to drop as more aggressive actions are taken to halt flights, shut down social events and increase coronavirus testing and isolation measures.)

In other words, these recent decisions by Trump and other local officials just saved about 800,000 American lives who would have otherwise died this summer if nothing was done to alter the trajectory of this coronavirus.

Still, 283,000 deaths is a lot of casualties, so we urge President Trump and state-level officials to continue to get aggressive with social distancing factors, shutting down large-scale public events, blocking commercial air traffic, ramping up testing and isolating those who test positive.

Trump must now deploy the military to stop all illegal traffic across the US southern border

At the same time, Trump obviously needs to deploy the US military to the southern border and block all illegal migration across the border. That needs to happen right now.

Nevertheless, we have now begun to see Trump finally take this seriously and take on a more presidential response to this unprecedented crisis. This means Trump might actually survive this and remain viable for the November election.

So we are headed in the right direction on this, and Trump is starting to gain traction on beating this virus (after which he will beat Joe Biden and then the deep state traitors who set all this into motion in the first place).

In other words, we finally have some optimism to report here, and that’s something we haven’t had in a while.

Watch this interview recorded yesterday with Stewart Rhodes, where both Stewart and I were predicting the end of the Trump administration if he didn’t take decisive action. Today, he has begun to take action, which means Trump may have just saved his own presidency and prevented the worst case scenario from emerging in the months ahead.

Read to stay informed and stay alive.

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